Active Eliminate Leader Enemy Skill List (By ID) Gallery 001-020 021-040 041-060 061-080 081-100 101-120 121-140 141-160 161-180 181-200 201-220 221-240 241-260 261-280 281-300 301-320 321-340 341-360 361-380 381-400 401-420 421-440 441-460 461-480 Series (1) Protagonists Daimyos Samurai Warriors Oriental Beauties Shinto Gods Asgardian Gods Olympian Gods Ancient Youkais Ninjas Succubi Series (2) Hellborn Dragons Elder Dragons Fallen Angels Creators Beastlords Cybernetic Warriors Soul Hunters Shinto Priests Youkai Creeps Dragon Palace Guards Series (3) Sentry Bots Youkai Minions Lesser Monsters Knights of the Round Table Knights of Treachery Mage Apprentices The Glamorous Brides The Enchanting Brides Wedding Party Pals The Solar Celestials Series (4) Wheel of Fate Chronos Academy League of Origins Joyful Festival Friends The Wraith Crime Family The Cobra Crime Family Mafia Soldiers Cyborgs of Deadly Sins Annihilators Unique Series (5) Attributive Ev-Materials Racial Ev-Materials Ev-mon En-Materials Special Materials Special Ev-Materials Race God Human Dragon Creature Mech Ev-Material En-Material Special Attribute Water Fire Wind Thunder Nihility
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