Events Timetable
Start End Events / Stages
Jun20(Mon)Jul03(Sun) 164i Blood Magic - Thunder
Jun27(Mon)Jul10(Sun) 165i Blood Magic - Nihility
Jun22(Wed)Jul03(Sun) 361i Wheel of Fate - Ocean ※There are additional Missions that require Runemasters to earn Points.
1 Million Download Celebration Event
Jun13(Mon)Jun26(Sun) Log in to receive︰ Item1001 × 50 bottles (ou can get the Rewards only once)
Jun13(Mon)Jun26(Sun) Log in︰ Timestone × 1,Total Timestone × 14
Jun13(Mon)Jun19(Sun) Make your first Timestone Summon during the Event to receive Timestone 5 Stars (Rewards can only be claimed within the Event period)。❅ You can get the Rewards only once
Jun13(Mon)Jun17(Fri) Daily Stage (Ev-Materials) Stamina Requirement Reduced by 50%
Jun13(Mon)Jun26(Sun) Limited Time MissionsPhora's Trials
Jun13(Mon)Jun26(Sun) Limited Time MissionsVenom of the Woods
Chronos Gate 1 Million Downloads Celebration Event - Part 2
Jun24(Fri) Make your first Timestone Summon during the Event to receive 1 free Timestone Summon! ※Limited Time Event
Jun20(Mon)Jun26(Sun) Get a randomly selected Hero from the series "Asgardian Gods" for your first purchase of 6 or more Timestone during the Event (regardless of past purchase record)

「Asgardian Gods」include:056i 058i 060i 062i 064i

Jun20(Mon)Jul31(Sun) Mission Reward Maze of Deceptions

※ Above details refers only, Runemasters must self checking in-game announcements ※ All the time are listed in HK Time (UTC+8)

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Timestone Summon

【Timestone Summon】- Wind Heroes Summoning Rate Increased

Date:Jun20(Mon) - Jun26(Sun)

Additional increase in Summoning Rate of the Heroes below:
051i Deity of the Heavens Izanagi
081i Great Tengu Emperor Sutoku

Game Information
Game Basic Info
Game Name 時空之門 Chronos Gate
Launch Date iOS: May 24 2016
Android: May 24 2016
Launch Time 899 Days  [Refresh]
Genre Puzzle Game (PUZ) / Role-Playing Game (RPG)
Language Traditional Chinese / English
Developer Mad Head Limited
Requirements iOS 6+
Android 2.3+
Price Free (has in-app purchases)

Chronos Gate Download

iOS Version 1.09
(Last updated on 5 June 2016)
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Android Version 1.09
(Last updated on 5 June 2016)
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