No. Enemy Skill Reference Code
1Water Ward{{Water Ward}}
2Fire Ward{{Fire Ward}}
3Wind Ward{{Wind Ward}}
4Thunder Ward{{Thunder Ward}}
5Nihility Ward{{Nihility Ward}}
6Water Aversion Ward{{Water Aversion Ward}}
7Fire Aversion Ward{{Fire Aversion Ward}}
8Wind Aversion Ward{{Wind Aversion Ward}}
9Thunder Aversion Ward{{Thunder Aversion Ward}}
10Nihility Aversion Ward{{Nihility Aversion Ward}}
11Water Defiance{{Water Defiance}}
12Fire Defiance{{Fire Defiance}}
13Wind Defiance{{Wind Defiance}}
14Thunder Defiance{{Thunder Defiance}}
15Nihility Defiance{{Nihility Defiance}}
16Water Aversion Defiance{{Water Aversion Defiance}}
17Fire Aversion Defiance{{Fire Aversion Defiance}}
18Wind Aversion Defiance{{Wind Aversion Defiance}}
19Thunder Aversion Defiance{{Thunder Aversion Defiance}}
20Nihility Aversion Defiance{{Nihility Aversion Defiance}}
21Water Aversion Hindrance I{{Water Aversion Hindrance I}}
22Water Aversion Hindrance II{{Water Aversion Hindrance II}}
23Fire Aversion Hindrance I{{Fire Aversion Hindrance I}}
24Fire Aversion Hindrance II{{Fire Aversion Hindrance II}}
25Wind Aversion Hindrance I{{Wind Aversion Hindrance I}}
26Wind Aversion Hindrance II{{Wind Aversion Hindrance II}}
27Thunder Aversion Hindrance I{{Thunder Aversion Hindrance I}}
28Thunder Aversion Hindrance II{{Thunder Aversion Hindrance II}}
29Nihility Aversion Hindrance I{{Nihility Aversion Hindrance I}}
30Nihility Aversion Hindrance II{{Nihility Aversion Hindrance II}}
31Human Ward{{Human Ward}}
32God Ward{{God Ward}}
33Creature Ward{{Creature Ward}}
34Dragon Ward{{Dragon Ward}}
35Mech Ward{{Mech Ward}}
36Human Aversion Ward{{Human Aversion Ward}}
37God Aversion Ward{{God Aversion Ward}}
38Creature Aversion Ward{{Creature Aversion Ward}}
39Dragon Aversion Ward{{Dragon Aversion Ward}}
40Mech Aversion Ward{{Mech Aversion Ward}}
41Human Defiance{{Human Defiance}}
42God Defiance{{God Defiance}}
43Creature Defiance{{Creature Defiance}}
44Dragon Defiance{{Dragon Defiance}}
45Mech Defiance{{Mech Defiance}}
46Human Aversion Defiance{{Human Aversion Defiance}}
47God Aversion Defiance{{God Aversion Defiance}}
48Creature Aversion Defiance{{Creature Aversion Defiance}}
49Dragon Aversion Defiance{{Dragon Aversion Defiance}}
50Mech Aversion Defiance{{Mech Aversion Defiance}}
51Attributive Defiance{{Attributive Defiance}}
52Diversity Defiance{{Diversity Defiance}}
53Attributive Ward{{Attributive Ward}}
54Diversity Ward{{Diversity Ward}}
562R Deprivation{{2R Deprivation}}
573R Deprivation{{3R Deprivation}}
584R Deprivation{{4R Deprivation}}
593-5R Repression I{{3-5R Repression I}}
603-5R Repression II{{3-5R Repression II}}
613-5R Repression III{{3-5R Repression III}}
62Human Reset{{Human Reset}}
63God Reset{{God Reset}}
64Creature Reset{{Creature Reset}}
65Dragon Reset{{Dragon Reset}}
66Mech Reset{{Mech Reset}}
67Human Aversion Reset{{Human Aversion Reset}}
68God Aversion Reset{{God Aversion Reset}}
69Creature Aversion Reset{{Creature Aversion Reset}}
70Dragon Aversion Reset{{Dragon Aversion Reset}}
71Mech Aversion Reset{{Mech Aversion Reset}}
72Template:Effect Reset{{Effect Reset}}
75Template:5R Unstoppable{{5R Unstoppable}}
76Team Skill Recharged{{Team Skill Recharged}}
77Human Skill Recharged{{Human Skill Recharged}}
78God Skill Recharged{{God Skill Recharged}}
79Creature Skill Recharged{{Creature Skill Recharged}}
80Dragon Skill Recharged{{Dragon Skill Recharged}}
81Mech Skill Recharged{{Mech Skill Recharged}}
82Template:Team Skill Lockdown{{Team Skill Lockdown}}
83Team Skill Reset{{Team Skill Reset}}
84Double Skill Reset{{Double Skill Reset}}
85Triple Skill Reset{{Triple Skill Reset}}
86Quadruple Skill Reset{{Quadruple Skill Reset}}
87Quintuple Skill Reset{{Quintuple Skill Reset}}
88Template:Time Limit Halved{{Time Limit Halved}}
894 Combos Shield{{4 Combos Shield}}
905 Combos Shield{{5 Combos Shield}}
916 Combos Shield{{6 Combos Shield}}
925+ Combos Shield{{5+ Combos Shield}}
936+ Combos Shield{{6+ Combos Shield}}
947+ Combos Shield{{7+ Combos Shield}}
958+ Combos Shield{{8+ Combos Shield}}
969+ Combos Shield{{9+ Combos Shield}}
9710+ Combos Shield{{10+ Combos Shield}}
9815+ Combos Shield{{15+ Combos Shield}}
998+ Combos Shield - Counter{{8+ Combos Shield - Counter}}
1003 Chains Shield{{3 Chains Shield}}
1014 Chains Shield{{4 Chains Shield}}
1025 Chains Shield{{5 Chains Shield}}
1036 Chains Shield{{6 Chains Shield}}
1046+ Chains Shield{{6+ Chains Shield}}
1057+ Chains Shield{{7+ Chains Shield}}
1068+ Chains Shield{{8+ Chains Shield}}
1079+ Chains Shield{{9+ Chains Shield}}
108Shield of Tri-Origins{{Shield of Tri-Origins}}
109Shield of Tri-Origins - Random{{Shield of Tri-Origins - Random}}
1109+ Water Shield{{9+ Water Shield}}
11110+ Water Shield{{10+ Water Shield}}
11212+ Water Shield{{12+ Water Shield}}
1139+ Fire Shield{{9+ Fire Shield}}
11410+ Fire Shield{{10+ Fire Shield}}
11512+ Fire Shield{{12+ Fire Shield}}
1169+ Wind Shield{{9+ Wind Shield}}
11710+ Wind Shield{{10+ Wind Shield}}
11812+ Wind Shield{{12+ Wind Shield}}
1199+ Thunder Shield{{9+ Thunder Shield}}
12010+ Thunder Shield{{10+ Thunder Shield}}
12112+ Thunder Shield{{12+ Thunder Shield}}
122Template:Tier Shield{{Tier Shield}}
123Template:Shrud of Shadow{{Shrud of Shadow}}
125Petrify - Counter{{Petrify - Counter}}
126Petrify - Intensify{{Petrify - Intensify}}
127Petrify - Compound{{Petrify - Compound}}
1292R Randomization{{2R Randomization}}
1303R Randomization{{3R Randomization}}
131Seas' Shift - Fire{{Seas' Shift - Fire}}
132Seas' Shift - Wind{{Seas' Shift - Wind}}
133Seas' Shift - Thunder{{Seas' Shift - Thunder}}
134Flames' Shift - Water{{Flames' Shift - Water}}
135Flames' Shift - Wind{{Flames' Shift - Wind}}
136Flames' Shift - Thunder{{Flames' Shift - Thunder}}
137Gusts' Shift - Water{{Gusts' Shift - Water}}
138Gusts' Shift - Fire{{Gusts' Shift - Fire}}
139Gusts' Shift - Thunder{{Gusts' Shift - Thunder}}
140Jolts' Shift - Water{{Jolts' Shift - Water}}
141Jolts' Shift - Fire{{Jolts' Shift - Fire}}
142Jolts' Shift - Wind{{Jolts' Shift - Wind}}
143Random Shift - Water{{Random Shift - Water}}
144Random Shift - Fire{{Random Shift - Fire}}
145Random Shift - Wind{{Random Shift - Wind}}
146Random Shift - Thunder{{Random Shift - Thunder}}
149Poison Mist 8%{{Poison Mist 8%}}
150Poison Mist 15%{{Poison Mist 15%}}
151Poison Mist 20%{{Poison Mist 20%}}
152Poison Mist 30%{{Poison Mist 30%}}
153Poison Mist 40%{{Poison Mist 40%}}
154Poison Mist 50%{{Poison Mist 50%}}
155Poison Mist 60%{{Poison Mist 60%}}
156Poison Mist 70%{{Poison Mist 70%}}
157Poison Mist 80%{{Poison Mist 80%}}
158Poison Mist 90%{{Poison Mist 90%}}
159Damage Reflection 15%{{Damage Reflection 15%}}
160Damage Reflection 25%{{Damage Reflection 25%}}
161Damage Reflection 35%{{Damage Reflection 35%}}
162Template:First Strike{{First Strike}}
163Template:25% HP Shield{{25% HP Shield}}
164Template:50% HP Shield{{50% HP Shield}}
165Template:Shield of Invincibility{{Shield of Invincibility}}
166Template:Alternating Shield{{Alternating Shield}}
167Template:Overhealing Shield{{Overhealing Shield}}
168Template:Single Attack Shield{{Single Attack Shield}}
169Template:Multitude Attack Shield{{Multitude Attack Shield}}
170Template:Duo-Attribute Shield{{Duo-Attribute Shield}}
171Template:Tri-Attribute Shield{{Tri-Attribute Shield}}
172Template:Tetra-Attribute Shield{{Tetra-Attribute Shield}}
173Template:Penta-Attribute Shield{{Penta-Attribute Shield}}
177Template:Rejuvenating Match - Water{{Rejuvenating Match - Water}}
178Template:Rejuvenating Match - Fire{{Rejuvenating Match - Fire}}
179Template:Rejuvenating Match - Wind{{Rejuvenating Match - Wind}}
1805-Combo Drain{{5-Combo Drain}}
1816-Combo Drain{{6-Combo Drain}}
1827-Combo Drain{{7-Combo Drain}}
1838-Combo Drain{{8-Combo Drain}}
184Template:Bloodshed 30%{{Bloodshed 30%}}
185Template:Bloodshed 40%{{Bloodshed 40%}}
186Template:Bloodshed 50%{{Bloodshed 50%}}
187Template:Rising Spirit III - Double-Strike{{Rising Spirit III - Double-Strike}}
188Template:Rising Spirit II{{Rising Spirit II}}
189Template:Rising Spirit I{{Rising Spirit I}}
190Template:Rising Fury{{Rising Fury}}
191Eliminate - Power Halved{{Eliminate - Power Halved}}
192Eliminate - Effect Halved{{Eliminate - Effect Halved}}
193Eliminate - Drained Boost{{Eliminate - Drained Boost}}
194Eliminate - Explosive Boost{{Eliminate - Explosive Boost}}
195Eliminate - Chaos Boost{{Eliminate - Chaos Boost}}
196Water Attack Boost{{Water Attack Boost}}
197Fire Attack Boost{{Fire Attack Boost}}
198Wind Attack Boost{{Wind Attack Boost}}
199Thunder Attack Boost{{Thunder Attack Boost}}
200Attack Boost of Origins{{Attack Boost of Origins}}
201Water Shield Boost{{Water Shield Boost}}
202Fire Shield Boost{{Fire Shield Boost}}
203Wind Shield Boost{{Wind Shield Boost}}
204Thunder Shield Boost{{Thunder Shield Boost}}
205Shield Boost of Origins{{Shield Boost of Origins}}
206Triple Anti-Refinement Strike{{Triple Anti-Refinement Strike}}
207Quintuple Anti-Refinement Strike{{Quintuple Anti-Refinement Strike}}
208Template:Health Deprived{{Health Deprived}}
209Double Refinement Downgrade{{Double Refinement Downgrade}}
210Triple Refinement Downgrade{{Triple Refinement Downgrade}}
211Quadruple Refinement Downgrade{{Quadruple Refinement Downgrade}}
212Double Refinement Destruction{{Double Refinement Destruction}}
213Triple Refinement Destruction{{Triple Refinement Destruction}}
214Quadruple Refinement Destruction{{Quadruple Refinement Destruction}}
215Refinement Detonation I{{Refinement Detonation I}}
216Refinement Detonation II{{Refinement Detonation II}}
217Refinement Detonation III{{Refinement Detonation III}}
218Anti-Refinement Bloodshed 10%{{Anti-Refinement Bloodshed 10%}}
219Anti-Refinement Bloodshed 15%{{Anti-Refinement Bloodshed 15%}}
220Deprivation 30%{{Deprivation 30%}}
221Deprivation 40%{{Deprivation 40%}}
222Deprivation 50%{{Deprivation 50%}}
223Repression 30%{{Repression 30%}}
224Repression 40%{{Repression 40%}}
225Repression 50%{{Repression 50%}}
2266+ Water Shield{{6+ Water Shield}}
2276+ Fire Shield{{6+ Fire Shield}}
2286+ Wind Shield{{6+ Wind Shield}}
2296+ Thunder Shield{{6+ Thunder Shield}}
230Refinement Downgrade I{{Refinement Downgrade I}}
231Refinement Downgrade II{{Refinement Downgrade II}}
232Refinement Downgrade III{{Refinement Downgrade III}}
233Bronze Explosion I{{Bronze Explosion I}}
234Bronze Explosion II{{Bronze Explosion II}}
235Bronze Explosion III{{Bronze Explosion III}}
236Silver Explosion I{{Silver Explosion I}}
237Silver Explosion II{{Silver Explosion II}}
238Silver Explosion III{{Silver Explosion III}}
239Chaos Defiance 10%{{Chaos Defiance 10%}}
240Chaos Defiance 20%{{Chaos Defiance 20%}}
241Template:Attribute Absorption - Bloodshed 5%{{Attribute Absorption - Bloodshed 5%}}
242Template:Attribute Absorption - Bloodshed 10%{{Attribute Absorption - Bloodshed 10%}}
243Template:Refinement Absorption - Bloodshed 10%{{Refinement Absorption - Bloodshed 10%}}
244Template:Refinement Absorption - Bloodshed 20%{{Refinement Absorption - Bloodshed 20%}}
245Chaos Absorption - Bloodshed 10%{{Chaos Absorption - Bloodshed 10%}}
246Chaos Absorption - Bloodshed 20%{{Chaos Absorption - Bloodshed 20%}}
247Runic Conversion - Chaos I{{Runic Conversion - Chaos I}}
248Runic Conversion - Chaos II{{Runic Conversion - Chaos II}}
249Runic Conversion - Chaos III{{Runic Conversion - Chaos III}}
250Anti-Chaos Absorption I{{Anti-Chaos Absorption I}}
251Anti-Chaos Absorption II{{Anti-Chaos Absorption II}}
252Anti-Chaos Absorption III{{Anti-Chaos Absorption III}}